Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit

Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit

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All in One & One for All

Dr.Fone takes over all your phone management problems with a one-stop solution.

All in One

All Solutions in One Toolkit.

Manage your phone, repair your system, recover your data, transfer your files, and so on. Whatever you need, Dr.Fone is at your service.

screen unlock

Screen Unlock

Remove types of lock screens from multiple devices and systems.

password manager

Password Manager

Find out forgotten passwords, and sort them out like a loyal butler.

whatsApp transfer

WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp messages, files and chats.(Viber, LINE, and WeChat are also supported.)

dr.fone data eraser

Data Eraser

Wipe out data, free up phone space, and secure your privacy.

data recovery

Data Recovery

Recover lost or deleted files from iOS/Android, even broken devices.

phone transfer

Phone Transfer

Transfer local files or cloud backup between iOS/Android with one click.

system repair

System Repair

Fix all manner of iOS/Android system problems. Yes, we got this.

password manager

iTunes Repair

Fix various iTunes errors with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

One for All

One-stop Solution for All Your Problems.

My Device

My Backup

Screen Mirror

Phone Verification

More Tools

Take care of 19+ phone data all at once, hassle-free

Tired of switching screens to organize your phone? Dr.Fone is here to help. Overview photos, music, videos, messages, call history, all your data on one surface. Import, export, organize, now you’re the one in charge.

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24 types, wireless, incremental backupmy device data management

Wireless backup releases you from all the cables, simply connect with Dr.Fone, and enjoy various data backup types up to 24. Incremental backup only copies the new-added or lately-changed, phew, what a big relief for your space and time.

data backup ios android

Bigger is better: real-time recording, flexible control

Mirror your screen to PC or Mac, zoom in on the details, and dive into the vibe. Capture the moments with real-time recording or high-quality screenshots. Operate on your PC or Mac, and witness the changes on your phone without delay.

screen mirror dr.fone

Dr.Fone provides an in-depth examination of your phone

Show you a verification report with all details, system version, storage condition, battery life, etc., and a valid score. Knowing better with your phone, and increasing credibility in the used device market, starts from here.

phone verification

Dr.Fone + AI, make the impossible possibleios 17 phone solution

Write your own ringtones, and design a special wallpaper with clicks? Fly your imagination, Dr.Fone makes it come true. The brand-new AI-powered ringtone maker, AI wallpaper, and more handy tools are waiting for you to discover.

ai wallpaper interface

The right Ones for All of you

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Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit

Offer a complete set of solutions for your phone. All-rounded, so pro.

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Dr.Fone - Air

Manage, transfer, and mirror your phone whenever you need. Wireless, worry less.

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We love Dr.Fone

Worthy of Attention

wondershare virtual location

Virtual Location

For Desktop

Teleport your GPS location anywhere you want. Explore the world with your fingertips.

mobileclean - phone cleaner

MobileClean - Phone Cleaner

For iOS

Clean up redundant copies of photos or contacts. Free up space for more important things.

data & photo recovery app

Data & Photo Recovery

For Android

Recover data and photos from Android devices. Quickly, safely, effortlessly.

wondershare dr.fone

All in One & One for All

Dr.Fone takes over all your phone management problems with a one-stop solution.

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