iOS System Repair

iOS System Repair

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1. Fix All iOS Problems Like a Pro

Dr.Fone - System Repair lets you fix iOS issues in many common scenarios, such as black screen, white screen of death, and more. Furthermore, it has made the iOS system recovery process so easy that anyone can fix iOS without skills.

stuck in recovery mode

1.1. Stuck in Recovery Mode

white screen of death

1.2. White Screen of Death

iPhone black screen

1.3. iPhone Black Screen

iPhone frozen

1.4. iPhone Frozen

iPhone keep restarting

1.5. iPhone Keeps Restarting

fix ios and keep data

2. Fix iOS and Keep Your Data Intact

Dr.Fone is a superior iOS system repair solution compared to iTunes restore. It helps repair your iOS device without losing any data in most cases. Simply connect your device and follow a few simple steps, and the iOS system recovery will be completed within minutes.

3. Upgrade and Downgrade iOS Without iTunes

Dr.Fone is able to upgrade and downgrade iOS without jailbreaking. And most importantly, this upgrade process will not cause data loss on your iOS device. Please also note that downgrading to a previous iOS version only works when Apple still signs the older iOS version.

downgrade ios

fix ios and keep data

4. Explore iOS Beta Features

Are you an Apple fan, or just curious about the new features of the iOS beta, especially its compatibility, and want to try it out? But how to get one if you unfortunately don’t have a developer account? Dr.Fone allows you to update your iDevice to the latest iOS beta version for free with just one click and enjoy all the new features.

5. Repair iOS System with Different Modes

As per the iOS issues, Dr.Fone provides three different iOS system repair modes to maximize the system recovery efficiency and success rate.

standard mode without data loss

5.1. Standard Mode

Retain User’s Data: With this Standard Mode, we can quickly fix almost all system issues without data loss, including crashes, black screens, and getting stuck on the Apple logo or in the Recovery Mode.

advanced mode with data loss

5.2. Advanced Mode

This mode helps when Standard Repair fails. It supports deep scan to repair in relatively complex scenarios and resets your iDevice to factory settings. Please note that it will erase all your data after recovery.

advanced mode with data loss

5.3. Anti - Recovery Mode

We recommend this mode if you want to sell your iDevice or want to destroy the data inside the iDevice. It can fix complex iOS system issues and perform deep data erasure on your iDevice, including formatting hard drive chips.

6. Steps for Using iOS System Repair

Dr.Fone is surely not the only solution to fix iOS system issues, but it surely is the easiest iOS system recovery solution with the highest success rate.

  • 01 Launch Dr.Fone and connect your iPhone

    Launch Dr.Fone, select System Repair, connect the iPhone to a computer.

  • 02 Start to download the proper iPhone firmware.

    Choose the correct model for your iPhone and start to download firmware.

  • 03 Click Fix Now to start fixing iPhone to normal

    Wait for a moment and your iPhone will be fixed to normal.

7. Tech Specs

7.1. Processor

1 GHz or faster processor (Intel or AMD)

7.2. Hard Disk Space

200 MB of available hard-disk space

7.3. iOS

Support all iOS versions, including the latest iOS version

7.4. Computer OS

Requires Windows 7 or newer
Requires Mac OS X 10.8 & higher

8. FAQs - You May Still Be Wondering

  • What is Recovery Mode and DFU Mode on iPhone?

    iOS users may often hear about Recovery Mode and DFU Mode. But probably most users don’t know what exactly is Recovery Mode and DFU Mode. Now, let me introduce what they are and their differences.

    Recovery Mode is a failsafe in iBoot that is used to revive your iPhone with a new version of iOS. It uses iBoot to restore or upgrade your iPhone.

    DFU Mode, which is known as Device Firmware Update, allows iOS devices to be restored from any state. It is a port of the SecureROM which is built into the hardware. So it can restore the device more thoroughly than the Recovery Mode.

  • Is iOS system repair safe?

  • Why did my iPhone go black?

  • How do you restore an iPhone to factory settings?

  • What should I do if my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo?

  • Is any iOS system repair free?

9. No longer worry about fixing iPhone

With Dr.Fone - System Repair, you can easily fix any kinds of iOS system issues and get your device back to normal. Most importantly, you can handle it by yourself within less than 10 minutes.

repair ios to normal

10. Keep Your Mobile at 100% with Our Complete Mobile Solution


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